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Watercolor Mini Pig
Watercolor Mini Pig

Steps to adding one of our mini pigs to your family

Step 1: Zoning Requirements- Ensure that you are zoned for pigs with your city government.

Step 2: Research/Reviewing our mini pig care guide- We ask everyone to please read over our mini pig care guide and to do research on owning/caring for a mini pig to ensure it is a good fit for your family/household.

Step 3: Submit Your Mini Pig Application- Please visit our application page(under waitlist/forms tab) to submit your application. 

Step 4: Meet & Greet/Reservation- Potential mini pig pet owners are welcome to come meet our piglets and the piggy parents. Fall in love with a piglet? You can reserve a piglet with a $200 non-refundable deposit and a signed deposit agreement. We will remain in contact with you and send pigtures/videos until the piglet is ready to go home. 

Step 5: Going Home- 1-2 weeks before the piglets are ready we will reach out and set up a date and time to pick up your piglet. A signed contract (see forms page) is required to take home a piglet.  When it is time to pick up your piglet, please bring a carrier/crate (NOT A CARDBOARD BOX) in order to transport him/her home. If a cardboard box is brought to take home your piglet, you will be asked to go purchase a carrier/crate.

~Each piglet is dewormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped before going to their forever home. Our piglets come with a mini pig care guide, mini pig safe food list, mini pig vet list, mini pig facts & myths, birth certificate and life time support.

Our mini pigs breeds are some of the smallest mini pig breeds.
Please know NO mini pig will stay the size of a piglet. 

Currently Available

                                           Breed: American Mini                                    
Piggy Parents: Bentley & Annabel                 Born: 08/04/2023

      Litter Name Theme: Popsicles                       Price: $100                         

   Interested in adding one of our piglets to your family?
                      Please complete our online application

Fudge Pop

                                           Breed: Juliana                                  
    Piggy Parents: Ricky & Ginger                 Born: 09/03/2023   
             Litter Name Theme: Fall                      Price: $3
            (Interested in adding one of our piglets to your family?                                                               Please complete our online application

Pecan Pie

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