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Snouts & Hooves Farm Mini Pig Contract

​                    *This is only for viewing ahead of time*
*In order to take home a piglet a signed physical form of this contract is required at pick up.


In consideration of the mutual promises made in this agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the parties agree as follows.

1.) I understand in the event I find the mini pig to be unsuitable for my family/household, I will return the mini pig to Snouts and Hooves Farm within seven (7) days from pick up for a 50% refund of my adoption fee. The 50% refund will not be issued if a piglet is in need of immediate veterinary care.

2.) If for any reason I am unable to properly care for, or keep the mini pig, I will promptly contact Snouts & Hooves Farm to return the pig with no refund given. I will not abandon, rehome/sell, or surrender this mini pig to anyone other than Snouts and Hooves Farm.

3.) I agree to get the mini pig spayed/neutered. Most vets will only spay/neuter between 10-30 pounds. It is best to have it done earlier on then later. 

4.) I agree to not breed my mini pig unless I have written authorization from Snouts and Hooves Farm. Breeding rights are available for an additional charge. 

5.) I am aware that the mini pig may become aggressive, moody, temperamental, etc if not spayed or neutered. 

6.) I agree to not overfeed the mini pig pellets, fruits, veggies or treat the mini pig as a garbage disposal  (see pellet feeding chart in mini pig care guide for correct feeding amounts).

7.) I agree to not feed the mini pig foods that are considered toxic/poisonous or high in sugar contain (see mini pig safe food list).

8.) I agree to allow Snouts and Hooves Farm to periodically check on this mini pig. We love to showcase our happy pigs in their forever homes.

9.) I agree to update Snouts and Hooves Farm with my contact information if I move or update my phone number.

10.) I agree to provide:


    a. Shelter from weather (straw or blankets to keep warm in winter)

    b. Shade tree or shade sail to provide shade

    c. Mud pit or shallow kids pool during summer (needed to keep cool)

    d. Access to outdoors in order to meet the pig’s natural needs

    e. Fresh water & proper food (see our mini pig care guide & safe food list)

    f.  Veterinary care

    g. Regular deworming (every 6 months)

    h. Hoof & tusk maintenance

    i. Secure yard/pen (pigs are extremely smart)

    j. Companionship

12.) I have done my due diligence in preparing for this adoption to include but not limited to:


    a. Checking with my city/town to ensure I am zoned for pet pigs

    b. Housing: Pigs are not zoned for HOA, apartments or townhomes.

    c. Education regarding diet, nutrition , body condition, training,                    

             physical and emotional needs of the pig.

    d. Proper fencing and separation of animals as needed.

                                                                                    Enforcement of contract


This contact is binding and enforceable by civil law. Any breach of this contract in part of whole requires that the adopter voluntarily relinquish said mini pig and any papers that pertain to said mini pig to Snouts and Hooves Farm within five (5) days of notification at the adopter’s expense without entitlement of any refund or damage of any kind.


Snouts and Hooves makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise regarding the age, health, habits, history, disposition , or safety  of the mini pig. The adopter(s) release, discharge, and hold Snouts and Hooves Farm Harmless of and from any and all actions, suits, debts, claims, liabilities, controversies, damages, costs, expenses, attorney fee’s, and demands of any nature whatsoever, including nut not limited to claims for personal injury or property damage caused by the mini pig. The adopter(s) agree to indemnify Snouts and Hooves Farm, its insurers, officers, directors, employees, and agents, against any liability for all judgements, settlements, penalties, forfeitures, finds, costs, expenses, and attorney fee’s, that arise out of the adopter(s) adoption or ownership of the mini pig.

Thanks for submitting your contract!

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